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If someone had told us on New Years Day that in the upcoming months of 2020, we’d all be sitting and spending a lot of time at home due to a world wide pandemic, we think we would have looked at them a little funny.  Never in our wildest dreams could we have imaged that we’d be all sitting and waiting on pause for something so unheard of and horrible to pass. The last month has brought so much change and a mix of emotions for many. We are only faced with one current option: wash your hands, and make the best of it.  But seriously, wash your hands (LOL)!

We here at Heart, Home, and Community have had the greatest opportunity of still being able to submerge ourselves into our community, all while observing the proper CDC recommendation of being 6ft. apart.  In fact, we’ve been able to take most of what we do face to face (and 6ft. apart), and use technology to our advantage to keep our community members, and loved ones safe! You’re welcome America! But all jokes aside, we truly are here for our people.  Our people, are our community members.

It’s been a different pace of life to say the least!  Some days are longer and boring in the sense of wanting to just get out and go, but knowing you simply just can’t do that.  Other days it seems as if time passes in a flash and it’s just Ground Hogs Day on repeat.  Some days we aren’t sure if it’s Tuesday or August, except we wake up to snow (for real, why must it snow during this LOL).  But the one thing we are truly noticing and really feeling, is that our families are coming together. Our neighbors and community are banding together (socially distanced of course), to keep one another afloat and in a good place.

To see our Baldwinsville community come together to support as many small businesses as possible has been elating to say the least!  We have humans that are doing whatever possible to see their community with the businesses that have been here for years, stay together.  If that isn’t an act of serious community bonding, I’m not sure what is!

We have community leaders and business owners giving us weekly updates to tell us what’s happening for them, and the things going on directly in our community.  We have organizations continuing to get donations and support from our local community members and business leaders. We have a group putting together a whole donation center right at our Heart, Home, and Community-community room, just to help ANY community member in need.  We have seen people that aren’t sure where to turn because they’ve never been in need of help like this before, get the help they need, in an instant.  We feel we can speak on behalf of those humans and tell everyone how truly grateful and blessed we are.

The front-line workers we have seen step up and continue forward while they themselves are scared and nervous, doing whatever they absolutely can to fight this.  We can’t thank you enough for protecting us, and serving your community and country during this time!  We have seen families that were forced to spend time apart due to work or school come together and sit down for a family board game night.  Only to end up in a fit of tears from laughing so much simply from enjoying one another’s company.  The job situation for those currently unemployed has been difficult; extremely difficult.  We have parents that are forced to now home-school their children (God bless our Teachers for doing this daily LOL).  But to see your children grow daily (or have tantrums and test our patience), this will only happen once, because tomorrow they will be a little older, and us a little wiser (hopefully…). To find the light and happiness in this midst of chaos and confusion has been something that’s truly hard, but yet here we are doing it.  Here we are facing adversity and coming together in ways we could have never imagined.

Baldwinsville NY is a place we are forever grateful for, and blessed to call home.  A house may be a dwelling to live in, but a community can truly be home.  Baldwinsville NY, you deserve all the best and brightest of days coming your way.  Stay positive, stay optimistic during these tough times.  Know that life will not always be difficult, you aren’t alone, and look for the sunshine in anything when possible (if someone could just tell the weather to do the same that would be great).  Heart, Home, and Community is here for you.  We will always call you our family and friends.

We have compiled a list of places, numbers, e-mails, and information to assist if you are in need of anything during the Covid-19 Pandemic:


  • Canton Woods Senior Center and B’ville Express are both temporarily closed until further notice BUT staff is available by phone at: (315)638-4536
  • Upstate University Hospital has a triage number dedicated to answering questions about Covid-19 (NON-emergency line): (315)464-3979
  • Baldwinsville Meals on Wheels (315)638-2171
  • Emergency Meals-hotline number for Onondaga County Seniors age 55+: (315)218-1987
  • The Food Bank of Central New York for emergency food assistance: (315)437-1899
  • Baldwinsville Helping Baldwinsville Facebook Group: NON-emergency hotline M-F 8am-6pm/Sat. Sun. 12pm-4pm: (315)857-0292
  • Baldwinsville Volunteer Center, Inc.-Sun. 9am-7pm: (315)638-0251 or e-mail:
  • H.E.L.P. Project (Household Essential Living Pantry): (315)638-0251 or e-mail:
  • P.E.A.C.E., Inc (assistance with food or items) (315)638-1051
  • You can also seek information/referrals in regards to health and human services by dialing the number: 211
    24 hour website:
  • Updates from the Onondaga County Health Department website:
  • Please be aware that the Federal Trade Commission is warning citizens of all ages that scammers are prevalent, and taking advantage of fear during the Coronavirus pandemic. For more information please visit their website at:
  • Be sure to check out your local tv station PAC-B TV :
  1. Verizon Fios Channel #30
  2. Spectrum Channel #98

***And as a reminder, take care of your mental well-being, your physical well-being, and overall health and happiness to reduce stress as much as possible during this time.

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