Heart, Home, & Community was born out of love for the Baldwinsville community. Shelley Hoffman, the founder of HHC, moved here from Pittsburgh ten years ago and realized right away what a special place it is. In the decade since, she’s been active as a resident, local business owner, and enthusiastic volunteer in many organizations.

While she loved being so involved in different aspects of the B’ville community, Shelley realized that these different threads didn’t overlap very often. Residents didn’t know about new businesses, business owners weren't aware of upcoming events, and event organizers didn’t know about all the people looking to get involved. She founded Heart, Home, and Community in 2019 as a way to bring all those threads together and begin weaving together a beautiful tapestry of interconnected community in Baldwinsville, New York.



Whether you actively engage with your community or not, you're an integral part of it!

Take a moment to listen to the happenings around the community and find yourself naturally being drawn into community involvement.


HHC is a licensed real estate brokerage with the state of NY, however the brokerage does not engage in any real estate activities. Its mission is education and networking. By doing so it is a hope to bring a more work/life balance to those who work in the real estate industry and those who live in a vibrant community like Baldwinsville.

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